What we do!

What we do!

What we do!What we do!What we do!

We help  our community connect  organizations and services that might be beneficial to them.

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We are a community-based organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place for seniors.  With the help of our tireless staff, we organize fundraisers, help find affordable housing, long term care, food delivery, physical therapy, day care, Medicare supplement (Medigap) or Medicare advantage, drug benefits, affordable insurance and advocate for Roth IRAs with  exciting community-building events, and in-depth training sessions or seminars for seniors or their caregivers.


How can we help you?

Do you have questions?

How can we help you?

Home health care-Need to find a doctor or podiatrist for a house call?




- Home physical therapy- Home health nursing        -Home health companions and assistants- Connect with hospice care

Need help with food?

--home delivery of groceries

--Meals on Wheels

--Food banks and help affording food

Need help with transportation?

--how to get handicapped parking stickers

--ride shares, Uber, and other options

--county programs for transportation for the disabled or elderly

Can't afford a cell phone? Click the Q-link button below

Need a computer? Or to learn how to use a computer?

Need low-cost internet service? Click Internet Essentials below

Need to transition from a house or apartment to a senior living situation, assisted living or nursing care?

Interested in Senior Exercise Programs?


Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?

Senior Health Care Insurance Options

-- I'm turning 65 soon, what do I need to know? -- I already have Medicaid. What happens when I turn 65? -- What's the difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage?

-- Do I need a Medigap policy?

-- I take regular medication and need to continue it.

-- I want to change my current health care plan

-- I have special needs, such as renal failure on dialysis, HIV/AIDS, chronic heart failure or dementia

-- What is a Medicare Health Savings Account? How can I get one?

-- What if I need long-term care?

Retirement Income Planning

-- What about Social Security?

-- When can I get Social Security? Can I still work?

-- What is the difference between an IRA, a 401K, and a Roth IRA?

-- What is Required Minimal Distribution?

-- What are the tax implications of a Roth IRA vs a regular IRA?

--How can I avoid excessive taxation of my retirement funds?

-- How can I pass my retirement funds on to my heirs without excessive taxation?

-- What if I need emergency funds?

-- What is a reverse mortgage?

-- I have paid-up universal life insurance. How can I obtain funds from that?

-- I can't afford long-term care insurance, but I think I might need long-term care at some point.

-- What is an annuity?

-- How can I protect my investments from stock market fluctuations?

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call Sara Kuhn 410-226-4346

great ideas

The Importance of starting a Roth IRA as soon as possible.

Get your IRA to give you a 25% raise

Find out how anyone who has a 401(k), TSP, IRA, Roth IRA, 403(b) or regular annuity can get a bonus of 22% to 35% in their retirement income today. 

The Medicare Advantage MSA

You control the money.  This is a detailed presentation 22 min.  Find out about the Medicare health plan that pays you money.  

MSA Short vidio

the Lasso Medicare Advantage MSA in 60 sec. The Medicare plan that pays you.

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Arthur Harris ( National Producer Number #8296520) has over 39 years insurance experience in the senior market and is the licensed agent who will contact you within 48 hours or contact him 


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The best of life for seniors.com or the parent company the IE Group LLC  does not share information with anyone unless it is your specific request that we do.  The only mailing list that we use is our own with those who have subscribed to our news letter, those who requested information or those who have become a part of the IEG family as in the case of clients, volunteers or members of the staff.  We do not add people to our list from a third party or vendors to insure that everyone on our list intentionally requested to be there.  We are not responsible for the actions of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media network and refer to their privacy policy for any questions about what they do with your information.